What a Parent Can Do about Bullying – 30 Great Blogs

The following guest post comes from Hannah Anderson of Full-Time Nanny.com, a website that regularly features new articles with good information for parents, baby-sitters and nannies. This article, shared with permission, focuses on bullying, one of the toughest issues for parents. What should you do? Where can you get good information? Well, the front-end legwork has been done for you. This article contains links to 30 of the best blogs on bullying, organized by topic. Enjoy!

It is estimated that as many as 70% of children become the victim of bullying at one point in their lives. Despite increased efforts by support groups, charities and schools, the problem persists. However, bullying is not confined to the classroom and playground – bullying exists in the greater community, online and in the workplace. Bullying leaves the victim feeling isolated, worthless and often depressed or suicidal. The culture of bullying is present in every country across the globe, with no sign of being eradicated. These 30 blogs deal with every aspect of bullying, related research and support.

Bullying in Schools

Children are the easiest targets for bullies, whether at school, in the community or at home. A child who is being bullied at school may be too afraid to report the problem for fear of reprisal from the bullies. Awareness and support from peers, teachers and parents can make all the difference for someone who is a victim of bullying. Just knowing that there are people who care can often prompt the victim to address the issue and reach out for help. These five blogs focus on bullying in school.

Anti-Bullying, School Initiatives

School initiatives aimed at raising awareness of bullying help victims come forward, as well as educating teachers, pupils and parents on the social constructs involved in bullying cultures. These initiatives are invaluable in finding new and effective ways of combating bullying. Many of the programs are designed by teachers and pupils with support from anti-bullying groups and charities. These five blogs look at some ways of setting up anti-bullying initiatives for schools.

Anti-Bullying Support Groups and Charities

Without the work of anti-bullying support groups and charities, many more lives would be destroyed by the trauma of bullying. These groups work tirelessly to raise awareness, gain funding for research and offer support to the victims of bullying. Those who have been bullied often find it easier to talk to strangers, as the feeling of weakness makes it difficult to open up to family and friends. The groups and charities in these five blogs offer a light at the end of the tunnel for victims of bullying of all ages.

Personal Experience Blogs

For the victims of bullying, often times, only another sufferer can truly understand what it is like. Through shared experiences, victims can learn to face up to bullies, open up to their parents and teachers and to put an end to their ordeal. Stories and blogs that deal with personal experiences of bullying also help put things in perspective, letting the victim know that they are not alone. These five blogs are home to victims of bullying, both past and present, who offer their support and understanding to other victims.

Bullying and Harassment

As the Internet and online world invades more of our everyday lives, cyber-bullying is becoming an ever increasing problem. The ability to remain anonymous makes it easy for bullies to attack a victim, with little risk of ever having to face them in real life. Social networking means that a victim can be bullied by thousands of people online through orchestrated attacks. As awareness of this problem grows, anti-bullying groups are fighting back. These five blogs help parents and victims understand the dynamics of online bullying, how to stay safe online and offer support networks, too.

Bullying in the Workplace

Adults are often the victims of bullying too. One of the places that an adult is most likely to experience some form of bullying is in the workplace. It is difficult for adults to come forward, as they falsely believe that only children are victims of bullies. It is important to know your rights in the workplace and the channels you can use to report bullying or harassment in the workplace. These five blogs are tailored towards victims of workplace bullying.

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  1. Madlen Satz says:

    Wonderful information – have shared on Twitter and Facebook
    Please continue to share updates with me
    Let’s stomp out bullying – safe schools for children and youth worldwide

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