The Internet’s No. 1 Parenting Podcast Series

PodcastBadgeHave you been listening to the weekly Strong For Parenting podcasts? If not, then you’ve been missing something!

For more than 20 years, Meredith Bell and I have been having fantastic conversations about things that are important to us. Frequently at the end of one of these sessions, one of us would say, “Wow. We should have recorded that!”

Thanks to Skype, recording high-quality conversations is now a snap. So once a week, we turn the recorder on. Usually the topic is related to parenting. Our talks, which last 25-30 minutes, are insight-rich.

If you’re a parent or grandparent or if there’s a young person in your life you care about, I strongly encourage you to listen to one of these podcasts. Once you do, I think you’ll discover that you want to check some of the other titles. And become a regular weekly listener.

Here’s what you’ve been missing…

  1. “Conscious vs. Unconscious Parenting” January 4, 2013
  2. “Adolescence – The Second Dozen Years of Growing Up” January 11, 2013
  3. “How to Prepare for Your Child’s Adolescence” January 18, 2013
  4. “Connecting and Bonding with Your Teen: Communication Skills That Matter” January 25, 2013
  5. “Effective Listening: The No. 1 Parent-Child Communication Skill” February 1, 2013
  6. “Listening: Coaching Tips for Parents” February 8, 2013
  7. “Major Breakthrough for Parents of Teens: The Untold Story” February 15, 2013
  8. “Changes in the Teen Brain – Opportunity or Disaster?” February 22, 2013
  9. “Wiring a Teen’s Prefrontal Cortex – The Long-term Consequences” March 1, 2013
  10. “Laying the Foundation for a Superior Mind – What Can Parents Do?” March 8, 2013
  11. “A Scary Danger Zone – Teen Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs” March 15, 2013
  12. “The Power of Vocabulary – A Tale of Two Verbs” March 22, 2013
  13. “Teen Girls and Teen Boys – Their Brains Are Different!” March 29, 2013
  14. “What You Need to Know about Improving the Way You Communicate to a Child” April 5, 2013
  15. “After Puberty You Need to Change the Way You Relate to Your Child” April 12, 2013
  16. “You Need to Be Strong to Parent a Teen” April 19, 2013
  17. “How the ‘Strong for Parenting’ Program Works” April 26, 2013
  18. “Composure: Keeping Your Cool When Things Get Hot” May 3, 201
  19. “Can You Inoculate Your Teen to Withstand Peer Pressure?” May 10, 2013
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