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Sad and Shocking – Cyclist Injured by Texting Driver Who Says She Doesn’t Care

There was a sad, shocking story in the media about a 21-year-old woman who was texting while driving and hit a cyclist, putting him in the hospital for months and possibly disabling him for life. The carelessness of the driver … Continue reading

The Generation Gap – A Failure of Parent-Teen Communication

A teenager made a dumb mistake and damaged a tool. His father, angry, shouted at him about carelessness and irresponsibility. No love, understanding or respect was communicated in the heated interchange. The boy felt like a failure and resented his … Continue reading

Jackson’s Story – Teen Rebellion Channeled into Positives

In this blog space, I’ve referred many times to something I call the “teen journey.” It’s the difficult, perilous 12-year developmental period called “adolescence” that has a profound, permanent impact on the rest of a person’s life. Every teen journey … Continue reading