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Team Sports – Part of the Answer for Parents of Teens

You know about the tragic circumstances that teenagers can get involved in: pregnancy, STDs, alcohol and drugs, bullying, depression, food disorders, suicide, breaking the law, rebellion, gangs, poor grades, dropping out of school, running away from home. You read the … Continue reading

What a Parent Can Do about Bullying – 30 Great Blogs

The following guest post comes from Hannah Anderson of Full-Time Nanny.com, a website that regularly features new articles with good information for parents, baby-sitters and nannies. This article, shared with permission, focuses on bullying, one of the toughest issues for … Continue reading

When Your Child Is Bullied – What to Do

Bullying is a big problem for a lot of kids. It’s a problem because it happens so often, and an attack on a child, whether physical or psychological, can cause unfortunate consequences. The “if it doesn’t kill you it makes … Continue reading