Strong for Parenting Podcast site is launched!

I recently posted about the concept of “conscious parenting.” I stated that many parents experience life with their children on a day-to-day basis, without thinking about the goals, processes, strengths and skills involved in parenting an adolescent. They may be good people in every way, but they believe that “growing up” is just a time of life that every kid has to live through. And if mom and dad provide love, shelter, food, support, safety and security, their kids will be fine. In other words, they raise kids with a good heart, but without thinking about how they’re parenting.

Conscious parents are more aware of what they’re doing. They have the goal of the parenting clearly in mind. They’re aware of the challenges, and they want to get stronger to deal with them and to improve specific parent-child communication skills. Instead of reacting to their kids off-the-cuff, they consider the best way to react. They study parenting and pursue self-development.

This is the topic of the first of many Strong for Parenting podcasts to come. Averaging 25 minutes in length, they feature weekly conversations between me and Meredith Bell about issues, challenges and skills of interest to parents of adolescents. After countless creative discussions, we decided to beginning recording and sharing them.

Or goal is to help parents be more conscious, wise, strong and skilled about the way they raise their children, especially the kids who have reached puberty and have begun the “second twelve years” of growing up.

So enjoy! And let us know what you think!

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  1. Alexandra says:

    That’s a very important issue – and I am glad you took it on! I am curious of your ideas and what are you going to discuss – sometimes I feel like I have my parenting goals all cleared out and set in stone but to be honest they change as often as I and the little ones change…Parenting is a hard work! ;)

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