Sad and Shocking – Cyclist Injured by Texting Driver Who Says She Doesn’t Care

Damaged carThere was a sad, shocking story in the media about a 21-year-old woman who was texting while driving and hit a cyclist, putting him in the hospital for months and possibly disabling him for life.

The carelessness of the driver and the injuries of the victim are sad and shocking enough. But even more so was the attitude of the driver: “I, like, just don’t care.”

According to the Huffington Post article, the only aspects of the incident that seemed to bother her were the damage to her car, the fine and the suspension of her license for several months. With that kind of callousness, I wonder about the difference between her and a violent criminal.

If all young people were like her our world would be in real trouble.

Another thought I’m having: Yes, young people can really grow up to turn out like this. It would be impossible for a child to become this kind of adult if she had been raised by good, conscious parents. During her adolescence, much of what needed to happen apparently wasn’t happening.

Such is the case with many parents: unconscious. unskilled, busy, dealing with a variety of life issues. This incident is an example of the result that can happen when kids don’t get the support and guidance they need. A sad, shocking example.

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One Response to Sad and Shocking – Cyclist Injured by Texting Driver Who Says She Doesn’t Care

  1. Devaughn says:

    It sad to think that people would be this cold hearted now a days. Makes no since what so ever! We have to become the change we want to see in society thats the only way we can change things.

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