Podcast #3 – How to Prepare for Your Child’s Adolescence

PodcastBadgeThe second twelve years of growing up – adolescence – are a lot different and a lot more challenging than the first twelve years. Kids know they’re growing up, and they want to know more about the adult world. They’re pushing for more independence. They often react impulsively and emotionally. Pressured by their peers, they may take risks. They won’t accept the same type of guidance and discipline that worked when they were little kids.

There are effective ways of communicating and dealing with an adolescent, but it’s not a good idea to wait until it happens or until you’re in the middle of it, struggling, to ask what you should be doing. Because there’s a significant learning curve. So how should you prepare? Meredith Bell and I discuss what parents can do to gain the insights, skills and strengths you’ll need to deal successfully with a young person who’s growing into an adult.

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