Podcast #2 – Adolescence – The Second Dozen Years of Growing Up

When young people turn 18 and graduate from high school, parents often expect them to start doing adult things. Go to college. Join the service. Get your own place. Get a steady job. Get married. Have kids. Even the law grants them new “adult” privileges.

I like the “go to college” option best. Take learning to the next level. Graduate and get that credential. Focus on a career. I like it because college isn’t easy, and striving for four years can help a young person ingrain the strengths they’ll need for life and work. And they might learn how to learn, and how to think.

But make one thing clear: they’re not adults yet. That’s what the science says, and I have some stories of my own to back that up.

To guide their children well, parents need the right perspective on adolescence. Listen in as Meredith Bell and I talk about this….

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