Over 300 Teens Trash Retired NFL Player’s Home – And Do Untold Damage to Themselves

I read a disturbing news report posted by NPR. You should check it out. And especially check out the victim’s website


Speaker & former NFL player, Brian Holloway

The victim was former New England Patriots pro football player, Brian Holloway (1981-1988).

While he was visiting Florida, his New York country home and property were broken into by teenagers.

Over 300 young people showed up to party.

Alcohol and drugs.

They shattered windows and ruined the floor. They punched holes into the walls and spray-painted them with graffiti.

They stole valuables from the house.

The damages are estimated at more than $20,000.

They took pictures of themselves getting wasted and trashing the place and posted them on social media.

Brian’s children picked up on the tweets and notified him, and he called the sheriff, then rushed home.

He then set up a website dedicated to helping the teens make amends and turn their lives around. He invited all of them to a party to own up and help clean up.

Only one teenager showed up.

The kids’ tweets and photos were posted on his site, and the authorities have used them to investigate the incident.

So far no charges…

But many of the parents were outraged and actually threatened violence and lawsuits against Mr. Holloway. They were angry at him for posting the photos that the kids took of themselves while getting wasted and trashing the place, photos the kids themselves proudly posted on the internet.

Apparently they are worried that the exposure and possible charges will make it hard for their kids to be accepted into the college of their choice.

And of course it doesn’t reflect well on the kids’ upbringing.

So one is impelled to ask: “What kind of parenting did these kids get that led them to get involved in this?” The values just aren’t there. The respect isn’t there. The compassion isn’t there.

And the judgment. No, that was definitely not happening.

Here’s what IS happening. In the near-term, they may have to face charges. There will be consequences.

But far worse, getting wasted on drugs and alcohol at this age will permanently damage their brains. Like a fetus in the womb, brain development is underway. Pregnant mothers are warned that ingesting these substances can derail normal development. With teenagers, the part of the brain under development is the prefrontal cortex, which handles reasoning, judgment and decision making.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time these kids have gotten wasted. Some damage has probably already been done – permanent damage. Perhaps their actions and reactions are clear evidence of this.

In just a few years they will be “adults.” If the parents think adolescence is just a phase and they’ll outgrow it and will magically transform into mature, responsible, successful adults, they are mistaken. The damage that is done cannot be undone. The behavior patterns they are wiring now will become habitual – a part of who they are later as adults.

The parents shouldn’t be angry. They should be scared.

The insights in the “Superior Mind” ebook could have prevented all this. Not enough people have this information.

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