It Takes a Village

Myles TurnerThis is Myles Turner, a 17-year-old boy from Euless, Texas. He has worked hard to prepare himself to be a highly recruited college basketball player. Next year he’ll join some lucky top program like Duke, Kansas or Kentucky and earn his way into the pros.

“I want to take time to give a shoutout to my aunt Deborah and my grandma! They have supported me ever since I picked up a basketball and that means so much to me. That support has helped me so much and I really appreciate that.”

Yes, he has parents who care about him. Yes, he has a great high school basketball coach. But when he has a platform for thanking the adults who helped him, he gives credit to his aunt and grandmother!

It takes a village to raise a child to become a strong, happy, successful adult.

Sometimes a kid just gets lucky. Sometimes caring adults just happen to be there to notice a young person and offer support, encouragement and coaching.

But a smart parent doesn’t trust luck, doesn’t just let it happen. A wise parent proactively recruits other adults for a circle of mentors who together will make a big difference in a kid’s life.

Both my sons are grown men. But if I could do it all over again today, I’d be working on my own parenting skills and strengths, using the Strong for Parenting program. And I’d definitely talk to certain family members and good people in the community to engage that circle of mentors. These would be people who know my sons, who spend time with them, who care about them. And to help them be the best mentors they can be, I’d recommend these resources:

Because it takes the right communication skills – and several key personal strengths – to relate well to a young person.

A cool story about a mom who took the bull by the horns and created a village of mentors for her kids.

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