How Moms of Addicted Children Share and Get Support

The Addict’s Mom. It’s a blog. It’s a forum. It’s a chatroom. It’s a Facebook page. It’s resources and support. Thousands of parents who have addicted children have found help and a place where they can “share without shame.”

The Addict’s Mom was founded by Barbara Theodosiou, who discovered that two of her sons were struggling with addiction. In pain and not knowing where to turn, she  knew that  other mothers had to be going through the same challenge. So she formed her first Addict’s Mom Group on Facebook. That group now has over 3,400 members. This first group spawned other groups, such as The Addict, The Addict’s Dad, and The Addict’s Mom Closed Group. All groups combined number over 8,000. In response to a broader need, in April 2012 Barbara began a membership site that has grown to nearly 2,000 members.

I’ve visited The Addict’s Mom resource groups many times, and these are vibrant, positive communities. The blog features new posts several times a week. Each article shares many resources. The membership site has an active forum, chat room, blog, and more.

If you have an addicted child and need help, this is a good place to start.

The blog

The membership site

The Facebook page

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2 Responses to How Moms of Addicted Children Share and Get Support

  1. Hello Denny,

    Thank you for sharing this resource for mothers of addicted children with your readers. With addiction being a huge health issue in The United States it is always good to find those who are helping those affected by addiction.

  2. Brenda Jarvis says:


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