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GOOD NEWS for Parents!

I’ve launched, an all-new multi-service, resource-rich website for parents and other adults who are working to help young people grow up to be strong adults.   Strong for Parenting Blog will still live here a few months more, but … Continue reading

How to Give Your Kids the Right Amount of Independence

Special guest post by Winter Amity, freelance writer on technology and parenting topics. These days, children are exposed to a huge variety of media, and parents can get understandably upset about the kind of information they’re taking in. With mobile … Continue reading

Michael Gurian: If I Were a Parent of a Boy…

For the next several months a group of writers focused on the issues of raising boys to become men are collaborating through the writing and sharing of blog posts in order to bring greater awareness to the unique challenges parents … Continue reading

Fortune Cookies – Why I Started Writing Them…

I remember the exact moment I began writing fortune cookies on a regular basis. The idea came to me while my wife, Kathleen, and I were enjoying an evening at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Miami. At the end of … Continue reading