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Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D.I created this blog to help parents guide their adolescent children to grow up to be happy, success, responsible, independent adults.

I’ve been CEO of Performance Support Systems, Inc., since 1987. In 1988 I developed MindFrames, a personality assessment based on cognitive neuroscience. In 1994 I created 20/20 Insight, an online multi-source behavior feedback system, used by millions of people worldwide. I’m also the creator of ProStar Coach, an online virtual coaching service for developing personal strengths and people skills. Over the years, these programs have helped millions of people worldwide grow stronger for the challenges of work and life. During this 25-year span I’ve nurtured a passionate interest in the human brain – how it develops, learns and makes decisions. These days I spend most of my time writing about personal development, communication skills, personal strength and parenting teens.

ProStar Coach was originally created for success-oriented adults and people in the workplace who want to give themselves an edge to achieve their goals. Because of its rich content in the area of personal strengths and people skills, along with its emphasis on engaging critical thinking in learning exercises and changing behavior patterns, it’s an outstanding personal development tool for teens and parents of teens. A special customized version, Strong for Parenting, is designed for parents. Strong for Success is ideal for young adults.

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  1. Good Afternoon Dr. Coates,

    My name is Gabe Chasnoff, Director and Producer of the new documentary film ‘Moment to Moment: Teens Growing Up With FASDs’. I am writing to inquire if you would be interested in reviewing the new film for your blog Strong for Parenting. Given the incredible work and outreach that you are doing with and for teens, I thought the documentary would interest you and your readers.

    ‘Moment to Moment’ explores the lives of four teens with FASDs and the effects that prenatal alcohol exposure has had and continues to have on their journeys to finding independence, fulfillment, and understanding the world around them. You can learn more about the documentary at http://www.ntiupstream.com/moment/.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions. If you are interested in reviewing the film, I will send you a DVD ASAP.


    Gabe Chasnoff

    Gabe Chasnoff
    Moment to Moment: Teens Growing Up With FASDs

  2. Ngong says:

    Hi Denny,I’m a student who’ learning about childhood development.Can you explain more about pruning and plasticity in brain development that I just find a little informations on your website.Thanks for your reply

  3. Kurt Philion says:

    Hi Denny,

    Would you ever be up for joining me on my weekly program called Access Health that features many different health related topics from professionals like yourself. I had seen a tweet from a source a while back that had some of your work and currently follow you on Twitter as well to stay up to date and get your information/updates which I think are very valuable for anyone who follows you! My handle is @radioguyphilco – but anyway, I’d love to visit with you about your programs and I think many people would benefit by hearing from you on the show. It’s a pre-recorded interview I do each week with our guest, anytime during the week that would work for you. It airs on two of our stations at 8:00am (KRJB & KRJM out of Ada & Mahnomen, MN) along with 8:30am (KKCQ-FM & AM out of Fosston & Bagley, MN). The program we focus on about 10-15 minutes of total talk time to fill with your information you’d like to get out there.

    If you’d be up for it, let me know by email or calling me at 218-689-6880.

    I appreciate your time and look forward to your response!

    Have a good day!


    Kurt Philion
    R & J Broadcasting, Inc.

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